yes please!!!

yes please!!!

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Disney College Program Acceptances


Reblog this post if you’ve already been accepted! I want to see what kind of presence there is here on Tumblr!

I can’t

Don’t tell me it’s okay when it’s not..

When you want me to stop talking tell me..

When you wanna see me say so..

Don’t ignore me..

Help me..

I am here..

Even though I shouldn’t be..


Ever feel like someone fills the void that is sitting in your stomach? And the only way to get rid of that void is to: talk to them, be with them or sleep? But when their phone dies or they won’t text you back, the void is there and you just want to sleep forever….

Breaking Point..

When you’ve finally hit your point that everything literally doesn’t matter and the littlest thing sets you off, it just happened to be you and I’m so sorry….

There’s so many things that I’ve given up to make me feel better, that I’m now regretting….

When you can’t tell anyone anything because you don’t want them to judge you….

I just can’t risk it…….


Urban Dancer Dylan Tedaldi: Dancing The Toronto Landscape (by nationalpost)

This is cool his technique is perf <3


Group dance @ School of Collective Arts at Seoul

that first part OMG sooooo good! I wish I can dance like that!

The first part was coolllllll